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Cuban cockfighters - 2019
  Gibara, Cuba International Film Festival
  Cuba - the people  2009-2014
Camilo Cienfuegos day, 2017 - Gibara, Cuba
   Primero de Mayo parade - Cueto, Cuba,  2016 
Fidel's birthday - Biran, Cuba,  2016
Cuban pig economics 2016
Funeral of Nilvia Caldazilla Nez - Cueto, Cuba 2016
   Mississippi Delta    2007-2014   
  Religion - South Apopka 2011-2012  

 Please don't steal photos from me or anyone on the web. (legalese: everything here is copyrighted) If you see something of mine that you have a connection to or simply really enjoy, please contact me and I'll probably see about getting you a print. thanks, Bob